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Hallow’s End is back. I brought my level 70 orc hunter out of Outland and went to Undercity and Brill to do some seasonal quests. I picked up the quests to throw rotten eggs in Southshore, and then went over to Brill to see about the Headless Horseman. The Horseman only comes at certain times, and an orc matron in the town will tell you how long till the next appearance.

I was in Brill for one of the Horseman’s attacks, and it was interesting for the first minute, but a big waste of time for the following 20 minutes.

A “shade” of the horseman flies over the town and sets some of the buildings on fire. The shade is only level 11, and I targeted it and tried to shoot it out of the air. Sadly, I get a “That is an invalid target” error message. I then tried to put out the fires (“Stop the fires!” quest from the orc matron). There’s a water well and buckets near where the fires start, and you can load one bucket at a time. You then go to a burning building and throw the bucket of water at the fire. After I started fighting the fire, a few more PCs joined in. Trying to put a fire out is an exercise in futility. I only managed to put out small sections of one of the fires, but within a few seconds, sparks set that part on fire again. I eventually gave up and left Brill to burn.

I decided to take on the Headless Horseman himself, at the Scarlet Monastery graveyard. I joined up with a team and we entered. It’s kind of funny to just run past all the SM guards and not worry about aggro. We only ever aggroed one or two who happened to wander into our path. But once we got to the actual graveyard, we had to clear the area of all the walking dead. It was easy, since we were all level 70s and the monsters are no more than level 33.

We summoned and killed the horseman three times (each player can summon him once a day). I got the magic flying broom on the second looting.

Then I went to Southshore to stink bomb the streets and put rotten eggs in their brew. It’s a lot easier to do this quest at level 70 than it was at level 60, last year. (Check out my November 2 post below.) I basically just waltzed into the town center and threw my bombs. Each time, I drew aggro from a guard or three, but I just turned and ran off and they let me go. I did end up killing two PCs (one of them twice) in the adventure. All in all, the Southshore quest was more fun than the Headless Horseman stuff.


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