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  • Q-Eye: Looks like we will soon see if marriage will end...
  • brogrit: its about time! and trust me…i know a...
  • CJ: I am so glad. I have missed reading your post....
  • Allen BT: Do you believe homosexuality is natural or a...
  • CJ: oh no don’t stay away too long.

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This is the home for Bullgrit’s dad blog and BULLGRIT┬« dad t-shirts, all written and designed by a Southern good ol’ boy and geek.

Good old boy, good ol’ boy, good ole boy – noun, informal, slang
A man having the qualities regarded as typical of males of small towns and rural areas of the South: a relaxed or informal manner, unsophisticated good fellowship, and strong loyalty to family and friends.

Hey, y’all. I’m Bullgrit. In many ways, I’m a typical, middle-aged, Southern man; in some ways I’m not. And whether it’s typical or not, I have a geek-streak: I like science fiction, fantasy, comic books, computer games, and table-top games.

Welcome to my world.
Welcome to My World

Bullgrit’s Dad Blog

The blog side of the Total Bullgrit site is where I chronicle the tales of living in my world: stories of dadhood, geekitude, and general life as a family man with a wise wife and two rambunctious boys.

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    The store side of the Total Bullgrit site is were I show the fun t-shirts and stickers based on real experience as a Southern man and dad. All the products in the store are original designs available only here. There’s also some stuff for moms and kids.

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    Y’all come back now, ya hear.