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Dirty Joking With Mom

I was in my hometown for Saturday night and Sunday morning this past weekend, to see my brother a bit while he was visiting. Saturday night, he, I, and our mom went out to dinner at the local pizza place.

We were sitting in a booth, I on one side, my brother and mother together on the other side of the table, talking and just having a very nice time together. We were just starting our pizza when I heard the 80s Dexys Midnight Runners song playing through the overhead speakers.

My brother and I briefly referenced the song, “That’s an old one,” “I never really cared for it.”

Then an old juvenile joke came to my mind.

I said to my brother, “What’s worse than grease on Olivia Newton John?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “what?”

I gently pointed up towards the music.

My brother chuckled quietly.

I didn’t think Mom had heard me, or at least she didn’t catch exactly what I had said. There was a short pause and then she asked about the song we were talking about.

Brogrit summed it up in a few words, naming the title as “Come on Eileen.”

Mom said, “I don’t think I’ve heard it,” then she went back to her pizza. So did brogrit and I.

A few seconds passed, then she stopped cutting her slice of pizza, froze in place a moment and said, “Oh!”

The mixture of embarrassment, disapproval, and humor crossing her face as she put her hand to her mouth caused brogrit and I to burst out laughing. Quickly, all three of us had our hands covering our faces to conceal and muffle the laughing out loud. We were all three red faced, tearing up, and bouncing in laughter.

Fortunately, the restaurant was pretty loud during the height of dinner rush, so we didn’t attract more than just a few glances from other tables. We convulsed for a good five minutes before we could calm down and straighten our faces. When we could at last talk calmly again, our conversation quickly moved on to other topics.

That was probably the best laugh we’ve had together in many years (and we’re generally not a very serious family).


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