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1970s Christmas List

Going through my dad’s house last month, we found a lot of interesting old family memorabilia. Among the random papers, we found this old Christmas wish list:

Researching some of the toys in this list, I figure this was probably for the Christmas of 1975. I would have been 8 years old, and brogrit would have been 3, going on 4 years old.

The cursive writing, both pencil and pen, looks like my dad’s, and the large text printed in pencil was probably my own. The black boxes are just to conceal our names — mine, brogrit’s, our dad’s, and our mom’s.

  • Six Million Dollar Man game
  • Evel Knievel Formula 1 Dragster
  • G.I. Joe
  • Hotwheels cars

Oh, I remember all of those. Good times.

And little brogrit wanted western play wear and a fun tunnel. Sweet little guy. [pats his head and tousles his hair]

I also see that at 8 years old, I was getting a bb gun. Booya! (I never shot my eye out.) And my little brother was getting some trucks. I’m sure I never teased him or talked down to him when I got my big boy toys.

“You go push your plastic fire truck, little boy,” I would never have said, “I’m going to go shoot stuff with my real bb gun.”

There’s got to be a picture of brogrit in his cute western play wear.


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