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Catching Up

It’s seemed like a long time, but it’s only been . . . let’s see . . . December 17th . . . holy crap! I’ve gone 12 days without a post! Let me do a quick catch up:

We made a gingerbread house.

We made Christmas cupcakes to take on our Christmas Day visits.

We made Christmas cookies for Santa’s visit.

Santa came over Christmas Eve night and left toys for the boys.

I had to put together the toys Christmas morning.

^^ That’s 933 pieces of Lego!

Christmas afternoon and evening, we went to two other Christmas in my hometown; it was a whirlwind of Christmas Day activity.

It snowed about 5 inches Christmas night, starting just after we got back home.

There, that catches up by skipping over all the really interesting details. I’ll fill in the details soon.

Apologies all around for being a slackass over the past two weeks.


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