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I’ve unofficially retired writing to this blog with any regularity. I’m pretty much just posting videos on my Bullgrit YouTube channel, now. The channel started with family Minecraft gaming, then became family Overwatch gaming (which eventually became solo me gaming), and then became family World of Warcraft Classic gaming. Here are the series:

World of Warcraft Classic gaming with my sons (from the beginning):

Overwatch gaming with my sons (newest videos to older):


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Raleigh Supercon 2018 Overwatch Cosplayers

My boys and I went to the Raleigh Supercon yesterday. It was the first major convention for me*, and the first any convention for them. Since my 51st birthday was last week, this was my choice of “party”.

I took some pics of the Overwatch cosplayers (taken just spur of the moment with my phone):

Overwatch Cosplayers Photo Album

*I’ve been to a few local comic book and gaming conventions (couple hundred people) some decades ago.

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Typical Saturday Morning in the Grit Home

Overwatch Mercy game play. Just gaming with my boys on a lazy Saturday morning.

The intro and outro music is from Everything is Alright by PAPERSTREET. Used with permission. Album available on iTunes.


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A-Team Van Spotted

I came across this A-Team van in the local Target parking lot. Just as I took out my phone to photograph it, the owner walked up with his two young sons. I talked with the owner for a minute, and he told me he put this together himself. It’s pretty cool.


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