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Casting From the Pier

We took our boys onto a fishing pier for their first time. This is not the ocean pier I grew up knowing (Bogue Inlet pier in Emerald Isle, NC), this is the ocean pier I got to know as a young adult when I moved to my college town (Johnny Mercer pier in Wrightsville Beach, NC).

Originally, JM pier was wood, just like BI pier, but hurricane Fran in ’96 destroyed it. They rebuilt it with concrete a few years later, but it’s now a completely different animal than it used to be. It looks more like a pedestrian bridge nowadays than a fishing pier. But there were plenty of fishers when we walked it last week.

While we walked this pier, I noted a universal fact that let’s me dispute something my brother said about my fishing in the old days.

On this post: Gone Fishin’ brogrit said:

yes, it is true. although…i seem to remember that the catch has something to do with you over handed cast….(for those of you who don’t know, you cast under handed off of a pier, which puts you hooks below out of hooking a person…or seagul……)

Every fisher on this pier, including this one ->
(he has rings in both nipples) cast into the ocean with an overhand action. No one, not a single person, used an underhand cast.

I even told Cowgrit to look and note what they were doing. (She thought I was insane for caring and wanting her to care.)

So, I can say, with recent eyewitness knowledge, that casting overhanded from a pier is the norm.

I would say something antagonizing, and do a “I’m right, you’re wrong” dance, now, but brogrit will surely respond to this post, and I don’t want to get into a back and forth argument that’ll absorb way too much time from my day when I should be doing actual work.

But I’m right, he’s wrong.


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