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Naming a Dog

We’re still thinking about getting a dog. We really want one, but one thing after another has forced the actual procurement back week after week after week. The other day, Cowgrit contacted me through instant messenger with a link to some puppy pictures. Then we started talking about names for a new dog.

Instant Messenger Conversation

Cowgrit: http:<link>

Cowgrit: look at pictures

Bullgrit: very cute

Cowgrit: :-)

Cowgrit: i am gooing to send her an email…….

Cowgrit: how cute is the name “tinker” for a pup? Bubbles? River?

Bullgrit: Tinker maybe. Bubbles, River, no.

Cowgrit: :-)

Cowgrit: :-(

Cowgrit: autum?Summer, storm? Bella, Edward?

Bullgrit: LOL

Bullgrit: Arwin

Cowgrit: ?

Cowgrit: Twilight? Vamp?

Bullgrit: Lord of the Rings

Cowgrit: Disney, bell, Snow white?

Cowgrit: Lord, hhmmmm

Bullgrit: Arwin is from LotR

Bullgrit: Eowyn

Bullgrit: also LotR

Bullgrit: Though I like the character, not so much the name.

Cowgrit: i guess if we are getting a girl, we need to think girl names, Princess, Lilltle Lady……

Bullgrit: I was picking girl names.

Bullgrit: Mary Jane?

Cowgrit: Lord of the rings?

Bullgrit: LOL

Bullgrit: Mary Jane = Spider-Man.

Bullgrit: Geez

Bullgrit: Keep up.

Bullgrit: :-D

Cowgrit: Calfgrit4 does NOT like SM

Bullgrit: Bella is okay.

Cowgrit: kinda of a nice ring to it…..

Bullgrit: Tinker or Disney is good, too.

Cowgrit: :-)

Bullgrit: Cerebus

Bullgrit: Hell Hound

Cowgrit: <roll eyes>

Bullgrit: Veramathix

Cowgrit: <stop smiley>

Bullgrit: :-D

Bullgrit: Killer

Cowgrit: <stop smiley>

Bullgrit: Silver Slayer

Bullgrit: Buffy!

Cowgrit: Cinderella

Bullgrit: Rella

Cowgrit: sleeping beauty

Cowgrit: Rella is cute

Cowgrit: minnie

Cowgrit: daisy

Bullgrit: Sleeping Beauty = Aurora

Cowgrit: :-)

Bullgrit: too much of a mouth full, though. Say it out loud.

Cowgrit: you are right, kids might have a problem

* * *

Our first dog’s name was Geordi — from Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. We were both STTNG fans, and we both liked the name. For this time, though, it seems we don’t have a commonly-liked source to pull from.


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