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Travel Games

We were the first 30 minutes into our trip to the beach. The boys were in the back of the van reading and talking. To keep my driving interesting, I challenged Cowgrit to a game of Travel Alphabet.

Both of us immediately called out A and B, seeing the letters on the car license plate ahead of us. Hmm. This ain’t gonna work right. So I suggested we need to just use one side of the road each.

She was in full agreement that she get the right side of the highway, the side with all the road signs, and I got the left side, the side with all the backs of street signs.

“Oh crap,” I said when I realized the serious handicap I was getting.

“A, B, . . . C,” she said within a couple of seconds, getting letters off the big, clear, and numerous road signs.

Well, I’m not one to back out of a game just because I start out with bad positioning. I rose to the challenge and started looking for something on my side of the highway.

Across the median, there were many tractor-trailer trucks going the opposite direction. Most of them had company names, slogans, and other big writing on them. I managed to get a few letters off them.

Then I slowed down to a couple miles an hour below the speed limit. This let vehicles pass me in the left lane. I managed to pick out more letters from the lisence plates. I don’t mind arriving at our destination 5 minutes late if it lets me win a game. Of course, I didn’t let on to Cowgrit I was doing this. She’d rather arrive on time or early than let me win a game. She’s so selfish like that.

Pretty quickly, I managed to pass Cowgrit’s alphabet count. In fact, I blew past her like she wasn’t even trying. Within 20 minutes, I reached Z before she got K.

“Ha! I win!” I exclaimed.

“Good,” she said, “I can take a nap, now.”

She closed her eyes and laid her head back.

Hmm. Well, I still won.


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