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Making Whoopie

A few days before Christmas, I was out with Cowgrit and Calfgrit4. (Calfgrit7 was with a friend.) Cowgrit wanted to stop by a dollar store for something — I don’t remember what, maybe to look for stocking stuffers? — so we three went in.

My job was mostly to just entertain CG4 while Cowgrit looked around. But I spied something I couldn’t pass up: a whoopie cushion. For only a buck, I had to get it.

I distracted CG4 for a moment, and I grabbed the package. I held it around my back so he couldn’t see it. Then when my real intended target came back to us, I had to be more subtle and clever with my concealment. But Cowgrit’s not easy to fool.

I pretended to buy some candy while she took our littlest boy out of the store. She had noticed I was hiding something, but she thought I had picked up something for the boys’ Christmas. If only I was that thoughtful.

Once outside the store, Cowgrit wanted to see what I had bought. I tried not showing it to her, but my secrecy just made her curiosity even stronger. “Why won’t you show me what you got them?” she whispered.

We got back to our van, and while I was making sure CG4 was buckled in, Cowgrit took a peek in the dollar store plastic bag sitting on my driver seat. I discovered her investigation when I opened my door. “Well,” I moaned, “I just lost my first surprise victim.”

Cowgrit gave me that look that asks, “How old are you?” Then she laughed.

To be continued


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