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So Hot

We’ve had three straight days of temperatures at 100 degrees or higher; August 9 made it to 104 degrees. It’s brutal.

I’ve been in Phoenix, Arizona during 4th of July week, when the temperature got to 110 degrees. That was tolerable, if not comfortable. Although, “It’s dry heat,” is a cliché, it’s also quite true. I’d rather be in Arizona at 110 degrees than in any Southern state at 90 degrees. Humidity makes 90 degrees miserable, and 100 degrees just unbearable.

The humidity during a Southern summer can get so high you can almost wring water out the air with your hands. Walking from an air conditioned home or office out into the yard or parking lot is like walking through a curtain hanging in the doorway. I wonder, sometimes, how can the air hold so much moisture without it raining?

And we haven’t had rain in over a week. Grass and trees and flowers are turning brown and wilting. It’s amazing, the air almost requires gills to breathe, but all the flora is thirsting to death.

God created the South as an example of Heaven, but he makes sure to include a little bit of Hell each year just to let us know the difference.


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