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Fishing With The Boys, cont.

Continued from earlier.

We went to the Scout outing as a threesome, while Cowgrit went out with her mom. Turned out that the first half hour of the event consisted of experienced fishers talking and explaining the general points of fishing. They showed how to tie proper line knots (something I needed to relearn), how to cast and reel (something I needed to relearn), and how to handle the fish on the line (something I needed to relearn).

Unfortunately, Calfgrit4 just didn’t have the patience to put up with the teaching part of the fishing outing. He was a constant distraction for me, and then he got hungry for a snack. I had to take him back to our van to retrieve the crackers and water. I missed the instruction on handling the reel.

This reel on both boys’ new rod was different than the one I grew up using, and oddly, neither came with an instruction manual. So when we finally got to get to fishing, I had to learn the reels’ secrets in a trial by frustration.

I ended up calling Cowgrit away from her errands to come help me with the boys. My stress level lowered with her there. I could concentrate on figuring out how to cast with this new reel while she entertained CG4. I eventually got everything working properly.

We had big ol’ fat nightcrawlers for bait. I had forgotten how really nasty baiting hooks with live, squiggly, slimy worms is. It’s truly disgusting. And Calfgrit8 didn’t want to deal with it at all, because he didn’t like the idea of skewering a friendly little worm on a hook, drowning it in water, and feeding it to a fish.

Cowgrit has indirectly taught the boys that worms are nice and friendly — they help a garden to flourish — and they’ve many times played with worms in a happy way. So it was a little unnerving for them to torture and kill the things.

And then it started raining. It went from a light drizzle to a hard downpour in less than five minutes. We all grabbed our gear and ran back to the van, but we weren’t fast enough to avoid getting completely drenched. Ironically, the rain stopped completely by the time we got home (less than five minutes).

In our short time fishing the lake, we caught no fish, but we did loose a worm a couple of times. Calfgrit8 did reel in a stick, though, and CG4 told everyone we met about the stick catch. Fortunately, CG8 thought the stick was hilarious, and so was not bothered by his little brother passing the story around to everyone.

But let me tell you, the stick was at least this big.


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