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Fishing With The Boys

Continued from yesterday. Well, with my reminiscing out of the way, let me tell you about my boys’ first fishing experience.

Originally, I was intending to take only Calfgrit8 to this Cub Scout fishing event. Fishing is something that requires patience, and learning fishing takes attention. Calfgrit4 just doesn’t yet have these skills — no 4 year old has them.

But Calfgrit4 was so interested in, and looking forward to the event, that I let myself be talked into including him (I couldn’t bring myself to tell him he couldn’t come with us; it would’ve broken his heart). Last week, we all went to Wal-Mart and picked out a couple of rods and reels — a 5-foot rig with an included tackle box and gear for CG8, and little 2-foot rig for CG4.

Saturday morning (the first chance I got) I set up both rigs. I ran the string down the rod and tied on a float and sinker for both, and tied on a hookless lure to CG4’s rig, and a basic hook (for live bait) to CG8’s rig. CG8 watched me do this, and he listened well as I explained how it all worked. I especially made sure he knew and understood about the hook. The whole while, CG4 was excited and wanting my attention and to fling his rod and line about the house. Yeah, this wasn’t boding well.

I love the little guy, but I was really concerned about going through this first experience with him along. If he was a little older, and if I could give him all my attention the event could be fun. (Or if I wasn’t going to be handling it alone.) But having to relearn some things, myself, and having to teach CG8 everything he needs to know, while having CG4 crave my attention and want to get right into the action of fishing (now there’s a contradictory phrase), I feared this could end up a catastrophe.

My biggest fear was that someone would end up with a hook in some extremity. Both Calfgrits were impressed with my story of catching a seagull, and I didn’t want them to try to out do me by one of them catching a sibling or father.

To be continued.


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