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Comic Book Ads

I was reading through a few old comic books the other day, just for fun and relaxation at the end of a long hard day. Half the fun of reading old comic books is looking at the old advertisements through the pages. For instance, let me show you some from an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man published at the end of 1979. (I would have been 12 years old.)

This first one is on the inside of the front cover:
BULLGRIT 1979 Comic Book Ad
Oh man, do you remember air rifles? I remember I had a Daisy single cock rifle, and later my little brother got a Crosman pump rifle. One of my good friends back then got a pump air pistol — that thing was awesome. We’d pump that sucker as many times as our muscles could manage, and then we’d shoot a Sears catalog to see how many pages it would penetrate. Does anyone even sell air rifles anymore? I haven’t seen one in a store in ages.

These next two ads jumped out at me at the time I was reading the other night mainly because I had just worked out that evening:
BULLGRIT 1979 Comic Book Ad

BULLGRIT 1979 Comic Book Ad
I love these! The old days when women were too skinny because they didn’t eat right, and men could get an Atlas body in one week! What the hell were people eating bad in the 70s that caused them to be too skinny?

And lastly, t-shirt iron-ons:
BULLGRIT 1979 Comic Book Ad
Cheryl Ladd, Suzanne Somers, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! Hubba hubba. Oh, and “Kiss Rock Group”. Iron-on transfers for a buck. For comparison, this comic book cost 40 cents.


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