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First Sunburn of the Year

I can’t believe it, I actually got sunburned — before May. Saturday was a really nice day: clear blue skies, warm but not hot (77 degrees), with a cool breeze. I wore jeans and a t-shirt all day.

We went to the local “Spring Daze” festival in the morning, to walk around the park visiting all the craft booths. After lunch, I managed to get a 30 minute nap out on the hammock in our backyard — a wonderful treat. Then we went to Calfgrit6’s soccer game from 2:30 to after 3:30. So all added up, I was out in the sun for almost four hours. But I never felt really hot, so I never thought about how much sun I might be getting.

Both boys got sunscreen lathered on, but I just thought that was because they were fair skinned and would be running around out in the sun more than I would. It wasn’t even May, yet, so the idea of actually getting any sun affects on my skin never crossed my mind.

But the next morning, when I saw myself in the mirror, whoa! My face and arms are bright red. My skin feels tight, and it stings a bit.

I’m glad that at least my back and shoulders aren’t burned, because I was wearing a t-shirt, but this just means my first color for the summer will be a farmer’s tan. Just great. Now, because it’s so rare for me to be able to get out in the sun and get any kind of tanning, my arms and neck will probably stay darker than my shoulders and torso all summer. I’ll look [more] like a total dork when I take the boys to the swimming pool.

I don’t have the free time to lay out and even out any tan. Maybe I can take off my shirt when I mow the grass or wash my truck. But subjecting the neighbors to my pale, white body might be considered indecent public exposure. I don’t know if that comes with jail time or just a monetary fine.


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