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Father’s Day

My Father’s Day was spent with my boys, watching the original Star Wars trilogy.

I slept in pretty late Sunday morning while the boys played peacefully in their rooms. Now, I didn’t actually sleep straight all morning: Calfgrit6 woke me up at 6:30, but I waved him off to go play his Nintendo DS in his room until his brother woke up. I fell back to sleep until Calfgrit10 woke up around 8:00. I gave them both permission to just continue playing DS until I got up. (Playing DS in the morning is a very unusual activity, so they both were quite happy to leave me alone for as long as I would let them.) I fell in and out of sleep for another hour, and then got up to check on them. I told them to turn off their DSs and just play whatever else they wanted while I “rested” some more.

I went back to bed and turned on the bedroom TV. While I laid lazily in bed, in unusual peace and quiet, and watched some Law and Order, the boys went downstairs and made their own breakfast. They’re both capable of getting bagels or cereal and even toasting Eggos — they’ve done it many times before — so I didn’t worry about them. My bedroom door was open enough that if something happened, I’d hear it. But nothing disturbed me for another hour, and then I decided it was time to get on up and take a shower.

I took a nice long, 30-minute hot shower, and took another half hour to eventually get dressed. By then, it was nearing 11:00, so I announced we’d go to CiCi’s pizza buffet for an early lunch. “Yays!” all around. While sitting together stuffing our faces with pizza, we discussed what we should do on this day for dads. We decided to watch all three original Star Wars movies. “Yays!” all around.

When we got home, I had them clean up their toys scattered about the upstairs hall and loft while I put in the first video tape — yes, I own the original trilogy, (not the Special Edition edits), on VHS tape. When the boys came downstairs, we sat on the sofa and matching chair and watched the A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back one right after the other. Then we went out to Moe’s Mexican Grill for tacos as dinner.

We wasted no time after eating, and came right back home for Return of the Jedi. After the third movie, it was time to get ready for bed. The boys were cooperative and peaceful with the whole process, and I was soon ready for bed, myself.

Before hitting the sack, I went through the comic book boxes in my closet and pulled out a handful of old Spider-Man books. I spent the last couple hours of the night reading those old stories. Then I turned out the light and went to sleep.

It was a pretty decent Father’s Day.


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