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World of Warcraft

Since my boys like to watch me “play” WoW, I’ve decided to try gaining the World Explorer achievement. Now, when they watch me play (read: ride/fly around the zones), I can actually accomplish something more than just entertaining the Calves.

I was surprised to learn that there was still a lot of areas I hadn’t fully explored. I was mostly shocked to find out that I hadn’t finished exploring Durotar –- where my orc hunter started out. It’s kind of an annoyance to have to ride way off to some far corner of the zone map just to fill in the last small area. But, doing so does make my boys feel like they’re playing WoW.

One night, without my boys with me, I decided to explore all of Teldrassil (as an orc). The first two times I tried to get on the boat at Auberdine, I had trouble with PvP players. One human warlock ended up killing me, and one night elf something drove me away. The third time, I ran right to the boat and got on. No problem.

And then in Darnassus, I had a bunch of 70+ PvP players blasting me. They camped my corpse for about 15 minutes. Fortunately for me, though, I just minimized WoW to my taskbar and worked on other stuff to wait them out. Actually exploring Teldrassil was easy. Running through the guards in Darnassus was easy. But the PvP players were all over me, coming and going.

Then I went to Azuremyst Isle, by boat from Auberdine. I had no problem getting on the boat and exploring around the island (although I’m not finished yet). No PvP players came after me even when I jumped in and out of the Exodar.

Sadly, to me, exploring the world isn’t nearly as interesting as I thought it would be. It’s really just a time dump. I could be doing something much more fun. So I think I’ll just forget about going for that achievement. It’s a waste of my time.


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