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Too Often an Ass

I don’t mean to be an ass, but sometimes . . . I just am. Sometimes my don’t-say-it filter just fails me and I say, or do, something I really shouldn’t. Cowgrit is usually pretty good about letting me know when I’ve said or done something stupid, after the event — like at night when we’re going to bed.

So I’ve requested that she let me know when I’m being an ass, right at the time I’m saying or doing the wrong thing. But she said she doesn’t want to just tell me in front of other people. “Bullgrit, you’re being stupid,” may be the best way to bring the situation to my attention, but she doesn’t want to embarrass me.

That’s cool, and I appreciate her empathy for my feelings. So I had to think of some way she could let me know without being rude to me. I suggested we use a sign. I told her to use her index finger to just gently pull down the corner of her eye, like she’s scratching her face.

“But,” she said, “you’ll give me wrinkles.”


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