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I’m usually not the least bit interested in “teenager movies.” I aged out of that audience many years ago. But although this movie looks like a teenager movie, it’s so much more.

Two life-long friends are nearing high school graduation, and are about to go off to different colleges; this is their last few weeks or days together. Seth (on the left in the poster image) gets invited to a year-end party, and he agrees to take on the responsibility of bringing the booze.

Evan (on the right) isn’t sold on the idea, but he goes along with his friend. They enlist the aid of an associate who’s getting a fake ID, and they think they have things all set, until they see the ID: “McLovin, a twenty-five year old organ donor from Hawaii.” Oh, the hilarity that ensues!

All three guys really just want to get sex, and the alcohol is their ticket for the ride at the party. And once a guy thinks he’s set the right course to get sex, he’ll go through hell to reach the destination.

The writing for this movie is fantastic. The acting is superb. The casting is spot on. The story is surprisingly poignant for being so funny, and at times vulgar. The dialogue is laugh-out-loud entertaining, but the underlying, and resulting, story is warmly satisfying.

I could go on and on about this movie, but I mostly want to just quote lines and scenes. It’s probably more a guy movie than a chick flick. If you’re a guy, especially one who felt awkward in high school (isn’t that all of us?), and ever went through some ridiculous obstacles to get sex (isn’t that all of us?), this movie is all you — it’s great, see it. If you’re a chick, see it with your guy; you can laugh as much at him as you do Seth, Evan, and McLovin.


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