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Can Do

We were browsing a furniture store, looking for a new chair for our new den in our new house. The saleswoman had spoken to us, but was letting us roam on our own by our request. As we were completing our circuit through the store, and about to make our way out, the saleswoman broke away from talking with her coworker (another woman) and thanked us for coming by.

Then she added, to me, “Has anyone ever told you, you look that guy on General Hospital?” She looked back at her coworker, “What’s his name? Oh, yeah, Josh.”

I looked at my wife, then back at the saleswomen. “No, I haven’t heard that.”

“Well, you look just like him,” she reaffirmed.

I just smiled. “Well, I hope he’s handsome?”

“Oh,” said the saleswoman, “he’s doable.”

“Yes,” confirmed the other saleswoman.

My eyebrows shot up. I looked at my wife again. I gave a friendly chuckle to the saleswomen, and we continued our exit from the store.

When we got in our van, and closed the doors, I said, “For the record, I’m doable.”


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