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Last Lunch With the First Graders

I went to Calfgrit7’s school today for his lunch time. (I decided not to bring up the bullet situation with the office staff, but this “lunch date” was planned before the bullet was found, so this timing was just coincidental.) This is the last lunch at school I’d have with him in first grade — school will be out for this grade in a couple of weeks.

Calfgrit7 was very happy to see me, and he immediately held out his hand to take me with him into the cafeteria and to their class’s tables. They have to sit boy-girl-boy-girl now because both sexes were getting too rowdy when they got together in their groups. The girl sitting beside CG7 was a tiny, little thing with a little Barbie band-aid on her forehead. She showed me her boo-boo rather proudly. Across the table from me was another girl with a pink and purple “Princess” shirt. Beside her was a boy with disheveled hair and half a dozen packs of ketchup to apply to everything on his tray.

The kids are so silly and cute. The two girls with us continuously wanted CG7’s and my attention — we’re just the babe magnets, yes we are. How you doin’?

I snapped a few pictures around the cafeteria because Calfgrit7 won’t be back in this school next year, and I want him to have something to remind him of it if he ever feels nostalgic for his kindergarten and first grade years. I know, I know, he’s only 7. But I wish I had some pictures of my elementary school so I could look back and remember what it looked like when I was there.

That’s the sad thing about nostalgia: you only think of it when it’s too late to record those memories.


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3 Responses to Last Lunch With the First Graders

  1. brogrit says:

    well…..our elementary school is still in the same place. the next time you visit run by and snap some pictures. i can promise nothing has changed…it all just got smaller.

  2. Bullgrit says:

    Our elementary school does look different than when we went there. For one thing, it’s 30+ years older. For another, styles — teaching, decorations, layout — change. A first-grade classroom may still look like a first-grade classroom, but it doesn’t look like *my* first-grade classroom.


  3. brogrit says:

    we would prolly laugh at the room if it still looked like your first grade classroom. style wasn’t that good then, not that i would really know. but, the fact is the school is there, the layout of the place IS still then same, we would just have to duck in some places now. also, you should remember where it is and remember nothing ever changes there.

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