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I’m taking a new job at a new company, and this company screens all new hires for drug use. This is fine with me, but it just feels a little unnecessary. But then, I’ve probably led a sheltered life, lately, where drug use is concerned.

I’ve never done any illegal drug. I don’t even smoke tobacco or drink alcohol. Heck, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t even drink sodas anymore. None of my friends, personal, family, or work, smoke or take illegal drugs. I just don’t hang around with that kind of crowd. (Someone may drink a beer or wine or something on occasion.) So, the whole concept of testing for drug use seems kind of other-worldly.

When I was in high school, I had a couple friends who smoked cigarettes and marijuana, and drank alcohol. One of my best friends at that age was a serious pot head. I was present when he influenced one of my other best friends into smoking pot for the first time. That incident saddened me, for that second friend. But I’ve never even so much as had a curiosity about trying the stuff. I had it offered to me, but saying “no” was usually enough to settle the question.

I remember back in the 1980s, when the “Just say no,” anti-drug campaign was being ragged on as unrealistic and naive. That argument always confused me. Just saying “no” worked for me every time. Sometimes I had to say it twice, or even three times, when the offerer gave me the “Oh, come on, give it a try.” But “no” did work.

After going off to college, and leaving those high school friends behind, I can’t remember ever encountering drugs or drug users again. None of my college friends did any drugs, nor did they smoke tobacco or drink alcohol. I can’t say I hung out with a higher class of people — that would be laughable. We all just didn’t do that kind of thing. We played video games, role playing games, went to movies, and ate pizza and drank Mountain Dew until the sun came up, sometimes, but we never did any drugs.

For over 20 years, now, I haven’t associated with, or even known anyone who used drugs. The idea just turns me off. It’s like contemplating befriending someone who eats their own excrement. It’s so disgusting, it’s absurd.

So, the idea of having my urine tested for drugs seems silly to me. But, then again, I guess this kind of thing just helps make sure that the people around me, at least those at my work, are, indeed, drug free.


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