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Just Two More Days

We will close on our new house at 4:00 Wednesday afternoon. Then we move in Saturday morning. We’re so ready and anxious about this. Every day feels like a week waiting.

In addition to Christmas shopping, we’ve been looking for and buying new furniture for the new house. It’s a bit bigger than our previous place, so we need more furniture, (we have four more rooms to fill). Plus it’s time to replace some of the old furniture we’ve had since we got married and bought our first house.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’re living with my mother-in-law (for four months) while waiting for our new house to be built. And as if adding four more people to her home space wasn’t crowding things enough, in the past couple of weeks, we’ve pulled in some new furniture and such to store in her garage and living room.

We’ve got a new dining room table and six chairs, a new TV stand, and a new 40″ LCD TV (still in the box). And this is all in addition to the many boxes and a few book shelves we already had stored at her house during our time between homes. Her house is starting to look like a furniture store.

One good thing about being in the market for this much stuff during the Christmas season is that we can find some really good deals. But the bad thing about it is that we have to buy it immediately for fear of the store selling out, and we have to take it immediately because stores won’t hold it (it takes up valuable selling space for them), and delivery during Christmas is often not timely.

For instance, the new TV: I’ve been looking at these things for many weeks, now. We determined the better brand names, decided on the features we wanted, and judged the minimum size we’d like. Cowgrit checked the various web sites daily, and I kept visiting the various stores weekly. The prices for our choices seemed to be pretty standard among the sellers after all these weeks, even with the Christmas sales. But then we found, without looking for it, a deal for our TV at $100 lower than anything we had seen before. And there were only two boxes left in the store.

When we got home (without the TV), I got online and checked that particular model. It had everything we wanted, and still no where else had it for even close to this price. I went right back out that store and bought the set.

Although the Y chromosome in my genes urges me toward a bigger TV set every time I’m looking at the store wall of screens (those 52″ monsters are amazing!), my innate practicality calms me down by reminding me how rarely I actually watch TV, anyway. Heck, most movies I rent, I watch on my computer.

And speaking of my computer, the motherboard burned out on me. I’m now using a secondary “loaner.” I’ll be buying me a new machine as soon as we get moved into the new house, unless I find a great deal on one in the next couple of days. If so, that’ll be another thing sitting in my mother’s-in-law living room waiting for moving day.


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