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Because I Said So! T-Shirt

I told myself, (deceived myself), that I would explain things to my kids when they asked why I told them to do or not do something. But it didn’t take very long for having to explain every damn thing I said to get old. I know every parent says this, and every kid hears this, all many times through life. So here it is right up front and in their face.

Because I said so!

BULLGRIT Because I said so! t-shirt


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T-Shirts for Halloween

It’s October, and that means Halloween is coming to mind. For this spooky holiday time, we have a few BULLGRIT t-shirt designs:


You Can’t Scare Me
BULLGRIT You Can't Scare Me t-shirt

I Ain’t Skeered
BULLGRIT I Ain't Skeered t-shirt

You Don’t Scare Me
BULLGRIT You Don't Scare Me t-shirt

Yeah, it’s all about the scare.


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Keep Calm and Call Dad T-Shirt

At the start of WWII, the British Ministry of Information designed and produced some posters to boost citizen morale. That’s where the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters originated. In recent years, these posters, and various spoofs of them have resurfaced as novelties and/or humor bits.

Well, though I’m shamefully slow to jump on a pop culture bandwagon, I do eventually get on board:

Keep Calm and Call Dad

BULLGRIT Keep Calm and Call Dad t-shirt

So when all hell breaks loose in your world, remember help is just a phone call away. Keep calm and call dad.

Brogrit and I could have used this reminder when we were young. Our dad was usually a calm man even in a stressful situation, and whatever trouble or circumstances we boys might be in, we knew we could always rely on Dad to deal with it calmly.


Dad T-Shirts

I Love to Score T-Shirt

My 7 year old gave me the idea for this t-shirt design. While talking about how much he liked playing soccer, he came right out and said the most important thing about playing any game: “I love to score.”

Yes, son, everyone loves to score. So I designed a t-shirt to let everyone know that’s what is on your mind.

I Love to Score
BULLGRIT I Love to Score t-shirt

And by simply removing the scoreboard from the design, it’s a double entendre for dads, (and non-dads), to wear…

I Love to Score
BULLGRIT I Love to Score t-shirt


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