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Zombies — Not Just for Halloween Anymore

Every parent knows the zombie-like feeling of a day with little to no sleep the night before. Maybe you were up every two hours over night to feed the baby. Maybe you spent all night in the Emergency Room with your sick child. Or maybe you’re just frazzled from keeping the kids entertained all day during summer vacation or school track out.

Heck, you don’t even have to be a parent to occasionally be worn slap out. Been studying for mid-term exams? Been working 12-hour shifts all week? Been out on a drunken bender over the weekend?

For all these times, own your mood. I wear this shirt far too often, (including last Friday, actually on Halloween):

I’m Not a Zombie, I’m Just Tired
BULLGRIT I'm Not a Zombie t-shirt


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Because I Said So! T-Shirt

I told myself, (deceived myself), that I would explain things to my kids when they asked why I told them to do or not do something. But it didn’t take very long for having to explain every damn thing I said to get old. I know every parent says this, and every kid hears this, all many times through life. So here it is right up front and in their face.

Because I said so!

BULLGRIT Because I said so! t-shirt


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I’m Awesome

My Sons Think I'm Awesome

Yeah, this is a partial repost from November 2010. My oldest is now 11 years old, (as of Jan 4), so technically this gag is inaccurate, but it seems that so far, they both still think I’m pretty awesome. Or, at least, they think all my toys are pretty awesome. We tried letting the boys do their homework in my office, at the game table, but they say there are too many distractions in the room.

This “motivational poster” was the inspiration for this t-shirt design:
BULLGRIT My Kids Think I'm Awesome T-Shirt


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My Carriage Awaits T-Shirt

Mom is a queen. She deserves to travel in a beautiful white carriage, pulled by a team of six magnificent white horses.

With power steering, automatic sliding doors, and a DVD player for the kids.

My carriage awaits.
BULLGRIT My Carriage Awaits t-shirt


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