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Baby Calfgrit Turns 6

Our littlest calf turned 6 years old on Friday. Our baby is six! He’s in kindergarten, and he has a first loose tooth. The years go by so fast. (Regarding the loose tooth, coincidentally, Calfgrit9 also has a loose tooth.)

Strangely, Calfgrit6 didn’t want a birthday party. He just wanted a family dinner, including the grandparents. And gifts, of course.

On Friday, the date of his birthday, his mom took a chocolate chip cookie cake to his school for him and his classmates. That evening we let him choose what restaurant he wanted to eat at. We figured it would be either Ci Ci’s pizza buffet, Moe’s southwest grill, or Golden Corral buffet; his consistent favorites. But he chose Outback steak house. “Their macaroni and cheese is my favorite,” he said. Wow. That choice totally surprised us. We go to Outback once, maybe twice a year, (usually on *my* birthday).

The next day, Saturday, his grandparents came up to visit. We all went and watched his afternoon soccer game, and then we again let him choose were to go for dinner. And again he chose Outback. “Their macaroni and cheese is my favorite,” he restated. Wow, again.

I was excited. I was accused of paying him to pick Outback, but I swear I didn’t even so much as drop a hint.

A couple of days before his birthday, when we were trying to plan the days, he made the very mature decision to open his gifts after his soccer game. “I might get too excited by my new toys, and won’t be able to pay attention to playing soccer if I open them before my game.” He’s a smart little boy.

But on Saturday, when grandparents showed up with gifts, he couldn’t stand the anticipation. So, he wanted and we allowed him to go ahead and open his presents before his soccer game. To his credit, he managed just fine getting ready, going, and playing soccer that afternoon.

In so many ways, he’s showing some maturity — he’s becoming a big boy. And in so many ways, he’s showing how he’s really still a child. A sweet, lovable little child. A boy who loves Lego, horses, running and playing in the yard, and saying the word “fart” at every opportunity.


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