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I love my game books. Especially my old game books. Not only are they great games, but many also have some great fiction as part of the game setup. Plus I and my friends of the times created our own great stories by using these books and playing the games.

Take the below book, for example. The 3025 Technical Readout for the Battletech game is one of the best game books I have ever owned. Hell, it’s one of the best books of any kind I’ve ever owned. It is, of course, first and foremost a collection of game rules for playing Battletech, but literally half the text is pure fiction short-short stories about the world(s), technology, and people of the game universe.

I’ve used and read this book so much in the 25 years I’ve owned it, that the spine has broken, and the pages are falling out. This is the very illustration of a “well loved” book. Even though it’s falling apart, I manage to keep it together, and at least moderately protected.

Another great game book that I’ve treasured for many years, is Shadowrun.

This book is almost 20 years old, and it has stood the test of playing and rereading all through those years. I still so love reading the game mechanics and the world fiction in the book. In fact, I just recently had it out on the nightstand beside my bed so I could read it in the evenings while lying in bed.

It’s a thrill to read, and it’s fun to remember back to all the exciting adventures I and my friends created for and with this game. And like the above Battletech book, and in fact, most of my game books, it is old and very, truly dear to me.

So imagine my feelings when I came home the other day and learned about this:

Trooper the dog found it, pulled it down off the table, and ate on it at his leisure.

This dog chewed the corner of my home office desk when it was still just weeks new. Now he’s chewed up an old, sentimental book.

The local SPCA phone number is 772-2326. I’m just sayin’.


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