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Zombies — Not Just for Halloween Anymore

Every parent knows the zombie-like feeling of a day with little to no sleep the night before. Maybe you were up every two hours over night to feed the baby. Maybe you spent all night in the Emergency Room with your sick child. Or maybe you’re just frazzled from keeping the kids entertained all day during summer vacation or school track out.

Heck, you don’t even have to be a parent to occasionally be worn slap out. Been studying for mid-term exams? Been working 12-hour shifts all week? Been out on a drunken bender over the weekend?

For all these times, own your mood. I wear this shirt far too often, (including last Friday, actually on Halloween):

I’m Not a Zombie, I’m Just Tired
BULLGRIT I'm Not a Zombie t-shirt


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One Response to Zombies — Not Just for Halloween Anymore

  1. Riley Jenks says:

    I could wear this shirt every day. At least before I get my coffee.

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