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The New Guy

Well, we met the new guy in our game group. We knew he was much younger than us (he’s 23, we’re 32, 38, 41, 51), and it shows. It’s kind of funny, really. He’s still finishing college, we’re all well into our careers. He’s young and single, we’re old and married.

Getting past that difference in our personalities, I was surprised how inexperienced he is with our preferred game — Dungeons & Dragons. He only started playing back this past summer. The rest of us have been playing for 7-30+ years.

I would have thought this lack of experience with the game could be a good thing — would let us mold him to our play styles. But in practice, for the first time he gamed with us, it proved a bit troublesome. We had to explain everything about the game, even how to do the most basic and simplest actions.

My jury’s still out on whether this guy would be a good addition to our group. He does seem interested in the game, and he involves himself in it, which is a very good thing for a player of RPGs, but the youth and inexperience is an obstacle for feeling comfortable with him.


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2 Responses to The New Guy

  1. brogrit says:


  2. mom says:

    Give him a chance, you all had to start somewhere.

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