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Thinking of a New Dog

Back when Cowgrit and I were dating, well before either of us had any idea of marriage, we got a puppy together — a miniature schnauzer. I had never even heard of a miniature schnauzer before, and seeing one really didn’t turn me on to the breed. They’re not exactly a “man’s” dog. They’re not poodles, at least, but they’re not retrievers, either. They’re not even beagles.

But Cowgrit’s family had a min schnauzer when she was younger, and she liked the breed. I eventually warmed to the idea of a small dog (we both lived in small apartments, at the time), plus, they don’t shed fur — a benefit for someone who didn’t like to clean and vacuum regularly anyway.

We got the puppy — 10 weeks old — and I immediately fell in love with her. And she absolutely adored me, too. We named her Geordi. (We were both Star Trek:the Next Generation fans.)

Geordi liked to snuggle up with Cowgrit, but she liked to play with me. At the time, we were both in college, and lived just off campus. I’d take Geordi walking through and around campus often. She was so well behaved, and we trained her so well, that I usually didn’t have to keep a leash on her. She’d always stay near me on our treks.

Oh man, I loved that little dog. We had so much fun together. Maybe I’ll tell you about some of our adventures in a later post.

She was about 11 years old when our first child was born. She was already slowing down by then, and by the time our second child was born, she was suffering from sever arthritis. At 15 years old, she was just pathetic. She was in always in pain and just couldn’t hardly get around anymore.

She died before our second child was a year old. Calfgrit8 says he remembers her, but it must be only vaguely, because he wasn’t old enough, and she was too old for them to really play together. Calgrit4 doesn’t remember her at all.

Cowgrit and I have discussed getting a new dog for a couple of years, now — pretty much since about a year after Geordi died. But adding more responsibility to our already busy life just didn’t seem like a good idea. In fact, I still have doubts about the idea, but I’ve given in to how much Cowgrit wants another miniature schnauzer.

I remember how much fun I had with Geordi, and I can imagine how much fun our two boys could have with a similar dog in the house and yard. We already have a fenced in back yard (I put up the fence for Geordi), and we already know all about taking care of a miniature schnauzer.

So now Cowgrit is checking out local breeders. We’re looking for puppies born now, so they’ll be ready to adopt in the spring — no one wants to have to take a puppy outside in the winter climate.

I think this will be a good friend and experience for our boys, but I’ve got to admit that I’m worried about adding even more responsibility to our lives. If we can get a dog very similar to Geordi — personality, intelligence, energy, and loves me to death — I think this could be fun, just like the first time.


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