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Teenager Christmas List

Like most kids, our boys write a Christmas wish list every year. We’ve saved a few of the lists, and I’m looking back over them tonight.

“Dear Santa

I hope I have been good and deserve these toys.”


“Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year.”


“Dear Santa,

This year I would like:”

The lists of wishes look very similar through the years, even between the two boys: Pokemon, Lego/Mega Bloks, Star Wars, Nintendo Wii games, etc. The earliest list we still have is from our oldest back when he couldn’t write more than his name. The intro and list is in my handwriting, with his name signed in his handwriting. This is the only list with just general wish ideas:

  • A kangaroo toy
  • A Spider-Man toy
  • A Fantastic Four toy
  • A toy raccoon
  • A NASCAR toy – race car

After that first list, the wishes become very specific, (below exactly as they wrote with their own hand :-)

  • Death wings Storm Wind assult (mega bloks World Of warcraft)
  • Skylanders giants character pack. Character Bouncer
  • Halo coventant platform V.S. UNSC Hornent
  • Red DS with Lego Harry Potter game

And now, with our oldest son being 13 this year, (turning 14 next month), we’ve noticed a big difference in his list. The items have gone back to being a bit general, but much . . . different:

  • Money
  • iPhone 6/5
  • TV
  • Hard drive for Xbox
  • Cool games
    • Destiny

My favorite of that list is the first one: money. Right to the point. And it might be cheaper for us to just deliver two or three or four hundred bucks in cash than to gift the other items on the list, (other than the one game).

Calfgrit13 has known the secret of Santa Claus for a couple years, now. I explained it when he expressed strong suspicions, I think based on hearing his friends talk about the subject. Now Calfgrit10 is starting to express suspicions, but we’ve managed to hold onto the secret for at least this one more year. Big brother understands, and next year little brother will have to learn: Santa only comes to kids who still believe. This is why CG13 has helped us maintain the magic for CG10.

Wifegrit will be heartbroken when there’s no one left in the family with a true belief in Santa.


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One Response to Teenager Christmas List

  1. brogrit says:

    so whats this secret you speak of…? are you trying to say theres no santa? surely you must be joking!!!!! please tell me it isn’t true…..I STILL BELIEVE!!!!!!!

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