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Sibling Negotiation

We were getting the boys ready for bed, and I was going to read a book to both boys, together. (We normally read to them separately. They have different interest levels.) I asked them to pick out a book, and Calfgrit6 asked if I would read one of his comic books. I said, “Yes,” and then he picked up two. He showed them to Calfgrit3 and asked him which he wanted to read.

It’s very sweet that he asked his little brother for his choice, and it was fun to watch the negotiation.

Calfgrit6 held up the two comics and asked, “Which one do you want Dad to read?”

Calfgrit3 pointed to comic B and said, “That one.”

“You don’t want to read this one?” CG6 wiggled comic A.

“No. That one.” CG3 pointed to comic B, again.

“This one,” said CG6, wiggling comic A, “has excitement.”

CG3 ignored him.

CG6 tried again. “Don’t you want to read the exciting comic?”

CG3 pointed to comic B again, “That one.”

“But,” said CG6, comparing comic B to comic A, “this one is not as cool as this one. Don’t you want to read the really cool one?”

CG3 just looked at CG6.

CG6 decided on a different selling point. He wiggled comic A again, and said, “This one is funny. Do you want to hear the funny parts?”

CG3 said, “Uh huh.”

CG6 grinned. “So we’ll read this one,” he said, holding up comic A.

“No,” said CG3, pointing to comic B, “I want to read that one.”

“Um,” said CG6, trying to think of another angle to offer for his side.

I interrupted his thought, “Come on, I’ll read both of them.”

Calfgrit6 got up in the bed, and I sat down next to him. I opened comic B, to read it first, but Calfgrit3 wouldn’t join us. I started reading comic B, but CG3 had changed his mind completely, and didn’t want to hear either of the books.

So I went ahead and continued reading. Cowgrit eventually came and took Calfgrit3 to his room and read him one of his own books. I read both comics to Calfgrit6.

* * *

For the record (though I think I’ve stated it in a previous post) Calfgrit6’s comic books are screened by me before he ever sees them. I make sure any comic he looks through and/or I read to him are age appropriate. They have little, mild, or no violence, and the themes are not complicated or dark. Marvel (my favorite comics publisher) has a series of comics written especially for young children.

Calfgrit6 is really doing well with learning to read, and can read some books already. Very soon, he’ll be reading his comics all by himself.


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