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I took the boys to the park to burn energy and wear them out. Between playing “little basketball” and chasing them and being chased by them around the playground equipment, it wore me out even more than it did them.

At the basketball court, there was a dad and son playing one-on-one. They were Asian, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Asian guys playing basketball. The father was about 5’10”, and the son was a couple inches taller. The father was probably 35 or 40 years old, and the son was probably 16-18 year old. The son was in good shape, with a full head of thick black hair, and appropriate clothes for a game of basketball. The dad had male pattern baldness, a blue shirt, blue shorts, black socks, and black shoes. At one point, the dad took off his shirt, and I saw that his the waistband of his shorts was up around the bottom of his rib cage. Through play, his shorts eventually worked their way down to his waist.

I watched only a few minutes of their game, between moments with my boys, and I saw the father was actually playing pretty well. He was dribbling around his boy, taking shots over him, and just proving that stereotypes aren’t always accurate.


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