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Post from Wifegrit – Lost Fathers

By Wifegrit

We lost my father-in-law a year ago to cancer. He lead a very courageous fight. He never give up hope or his faith. He had a wonderful sense of humor. I don’t think I ever saw him mad. Yeah, he was a great man.

His wife and his sister were by his side throughout the whole ordeal. And we are talking over a year of chemo, several major surgeries and 55 days at a major hospital in and out of ICU followed by a stay in a rehab facility.

It hasn’t been an easy year. Holidays and birthdays are sad. He used to call me every year on my birthday and sing “Happy Birthday.” If I wasn’t home, he would leave it on my answering machine. I really miss that. And our boys miss their granddaddy.

We lost my husband’s step-dad in 2007. My husband often stated he was lucky to have 2 dads. His step-dad was also a wonderful, caring man. He loved his family and really enjoyed having all of us together. (All of us would be about 20 people for holidays.) Still not over losing him. His wife, my mother-in-law is such a special person to my family. It was been so hard watching her grief, but she has been so brave and we love her so much.

Nothing is ever the same after you lose a loved one. The pain lingers. Visits, holidays, birthdays. Life changes. After a while you adjust to the new routine and change with it. But sometimes you step back and think to yourself how it would be if your family member was still alive.

I am no stranger to loss: my dad passed away, when I was 23 yrs old, to cancer. You never stop missing.

Yes, you move on. New memories are made, and we smile and laugh. I am sure Bullgrit’s dad, step-dad, and my dad are proud of all of us. And it is a comfort knowing we have so many angels looking after us and our boys.

On a side note: My husband was the executor of his dad’s Estate. When the Clerk of Court tells you “You don’t need a lawyer, you can do this without one.” Of course the Clerk of Court could do it on their own, they understand and know what to do. It is their job! But the average person does not. Do not listen, go hire a lawyer! It will save you a ton of time and headaches. When you have young kids, work full time, have a wife that works weekends and trying to start your own business, time is everything.

Hug your family and have a great day.

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