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Photos from Disney World

We spent last week in Walt Disney World. A WDW vacation in early-mid September has been our family tradition for about 8 years now, (although we’ve missed going a couple years). But this may have been our last such trip. Next year Calfgrit13 goes into high school on a traditional school year calendar, so he won’t be out of school, (tracked out of a year-round schedule), in September.

Below are some simple photos I snapped off-hand during our trip. These aren’t the “savers” we took for any photo album, or anything. These are just quick shots I took with my phone, not intending to keep or share them beyond days the were actually in WDW.

Let me show you an example of how great September is for visiting WDW — very low crowd level, and few neighbors in the resorts. This is a pic from the door of our rooms, looking out into the parking lot, (empty! — that’s our silver van on the left, first parking spot beside our rooms):

Another example of crowd levels — our boys with their nana at the bus stop:

Me sitting outside at the Caribbean Beach resort early one morning:

Calfgrit13 is very competitive, (like his father), when it comes to games, so we, of course, had to compete against each other on the shooting/scoring rides.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin — my score on the left, CG13’s on the right:

Toy Story Midway Mania — my score on the left, CG13’s on the right:

We really concentrate on our games:

This is an amazing Lego display at the Downtown Disney Lego store — it’s made of thousands of Lego pieces:


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