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What’s In Your Bank Account

I stopped at the ATM in front of a Piggly Wiggly (a grocery store) in my hometown. I was amazed by the trash scattered around on the ground. Nearly all of the trash was just the paper receipts printed out by the ATM—a carpet of scattered white paper.

There’s a paper trash slot in the ATM for disposing of the receipts, plus, the machine directly asks the user if he or she wants a receipt to be printed. So the mess of discarded receipts is from pure laziness of the ATM users. Pathetic.

Out of curiosity, I picked up a couple of the receipts from the ATM counter and looked them over. I then grabbed up a handful more—there were about a dozen pieces on the counter, and probably another two dozen on the ground. Just pathetic.

But, the mess gives interesting information on the people who made it.

9/21/07 23:26 PM (11:26 at night)
Withdrawal: $40.00
Balance: $250.81

9/22/07 6:36 AM
Balance: $7.41

9/22/07 13:39 PM (1:39 in the afternoon)
Withdrawal: $60.00
Balance: $45.14- (that’s negative $45!)

9/22/07 14:47 PM (2:47 in the afternoon)
Withdrawal: $20:00
Looks like the receipt didn’t finish printing; no balance info

9/23/07 00:18 AM (12:18, after midnight)
Withdrawal: $120.00
Balance: $5.62

9/23/07 7:39 AM
Balance: $130.27

9/23/07 8:16 AM
Withdrawal: $500.00
Balance: $432.61

I find this kind of random information interesting. (Granted, I can find just about anything interesting.) Such data brings up all kinds of questions and fun imaginings.

How did the one person withdraw $45 more than he had in the account? I’d have loved to make that kind of withdrawal back when I was in college.

And what kind of night was the person withdrawing $500 hoping to have? And was it worth half his bank total?


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