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So Cold, So Tired

The city is beautiful, the people are friendly (although very quiet), the food is good, but the climate is just terribly cold. It snowed a couple of times Monday and yesterday, and judging from the new snow on cars outside the hotel, apparently last night as well. Blue sky here in the winter is what snow is back home: rare and worthy of note.

I was in the office all day yesterday, and I hung out with coworkers the whole time. On the street, the Swedes are quiet and poker-faced, but met in the office, they’re talkative and smiling. On a personal level, I could easily live with Swedes.

When some of us got in a car to go off, I explained the concept of “shotgun” — calling shotgun and riding shotgun. I’ve mentioned before how I got my Swedish counterpart to say “Y’all,” and yesterday I got my British colleague to say it. Yep, I’m a regular ambassador.

I was so damned tired last night. I finished dinner at 7:00, and returned to my room where if I dropped unconscious, I might could manage to fall on the bed. I hoped to stay awake till 9:00, but I’d settle for 8:00.

I did manage to stay awake till 9:00, but I never saw 9:01. The damnedest thing about this jet lag is once my body gets used to this time difference, I’ll be heading home to have to adjust back to my home time.


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