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Edit 12/7/09: To those many, many folks coming to this post through blogcatalog: I apologize for not having pictures of this subject. If I had known that one link in that one discussion thread would lead to so many hits, here, I would have made this post much more interesting.

* * *

OK, I’ve got to ask this, somewhere: Are thongs uncomfortable?

You never see panty lines anymore. It’s fashionable for women’s clothing to be tight, smooth, and sometimes very thin. The thongs are obvious by the lack of panty lines. You don’t even have to be intentionally looking to notice it. And sometimes you can see the thong, either through light-colored pants, or above the top of their belt line. Ten years ago, having someone see your underwear would have been an embarrassment. Now it’s a fashion statement.

I noticed a waitress’s pants in a restaurant. She was slightly bent over, serving the table directly across from me, so I had full view of her bottom, though I really wasn’t trying to look. (Honest.) She must have been wearing a thong. I considered this thought: such workers are constantly walking around; doesn’t having something. . . between there. . . bother/chap/scratch/you-know after a few quick trips back and forth to the kitchen?

I know this post could easily get me into trouble. But I provided full disclosure to my wife at the time of the witness and thought, so hopefully I’m safe.

Having normal underwear slide somewhere they aren’t supposed to be is uncomfortable. Most people immediately start looking for a private corner to stand in so they can make an adjustment. But thongs are always there. How can that be comfortable, especially all day long, walking around constantly?


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