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The Boys’ Room

Left of the door is a dresser for Calfgrit8, on which there is:
a large blue lamp
a fish bowl full of sea shells
a fish bowl full of rocks
a piggy bank
an assortment of Lego pieces

Above the dresser is a corkboard full of tacked up pictures, paper crafts, and a Spider-Man calendar. Above the board are large, fabric letters spelling out both boys’ names.

On the other side of the dresser is a trash can and a dirty clothes hamper with a shirt sleeve hanging out. On the floor, in front of the hamper is a pair of underwear and pajama bottoms.

Right of the door is a bookshelf packed with probably 50 thin books. On top of the shelf is a sloppy stack of at least a dozen more books, a plastic box full of Pokemon cards, and a white sock (is it clean or dirty?).

Next is a chest of drawers for Calfgrit4, on which there is:
a wood coin bank
a wooden train with CG4’s name spelled out
a craft necklace
a few Lego pieces

Next is a kid-sized table against the corner, with two kid-sized chairs, on which is a large assortment of Lego pieces from probably ten different sets.

On the right wall is a large abstract painting of a lion (this is a sweet picture, but it really looks out of place among all the other decor) and a large framed poster of Spider-Man surrounded by all his villains (this more fits in with the other things in the room).

The far wall has a large box window, with hundreds of Lego pieces and random small toys completely covering the sill seat.

Next is the multi-colored toy box with small shelves above it, all filled with a random assortment of medium and small toys.

The toy box sits up against the bunk beds. The lower bunk, Calfgrit4’s bed, has Spider-Man stickers on the back wall, a tractor and truck blanket, and about a dozen stuffed animals. The biggest stuffed animal is a horse as big as its owner.

The upper bunk, Calfgrit8’s bed, has a poster of Star Wars Lego characters on the wall, a dinosaur blanket, and probably 20 stuffed animals. The biggest stuffed animal is a brown bear as big as CG8’s little brother.

Slid partially out from under the bed is a box of Bionicle action figures. The room floor is mostly clear, but there is a Bionacle, a clone trooper action figure, and several loose pieces of Lego scattered about.

The last wall has two doors for the closet. One door is halfway open, revealing a shelf of various games.

The room, as a whole, is in what we consider a “moderately neat” state. It can get far messier, and anything neater lasts only about 20 minutes. When I look at their room, I often wonder what about it they are going to remember most fondly.


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