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Signed Up for an Obstacle Run

I’ve been considering running an obstacle/mud run for probably a year, now. At last, I’ve signed up for one nearby — the Rugged Maniac run in Asheboro, NC, on April 20th. A 5k (3.1 miles) run with 20+ obstacles sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun. My family will be going with me to cheer me on.

But I find the signing up process a bit . . . underhanded.

The price to sign up increases as the date nears the race day, and that makes sense. It’s cheaper to sign up early. No problem with me there. But once you go through the signing up process, you come to a point where you have to buy insurance ($9) to participate. This is a mandatory “option” — you have to check the box for this charge to complete the sign up.

If this charge is mandatory, why isn’t it just included in the price of the registration? Registration is $78. Why not just make it $87 with this insurance included if there’s no choice in the matter? Doing it the way they do, (“forcing” you to click it during the registration process), seems cheating.

And then once the registration is complete, and it’s time to accept the charge to my credit card, I see in the line item list, a “processing fee” of $11.64. What the hell?

Excuse me. At this point in writing this post, (at 9:15p.m.), I just had to respond to a cry out from Calfgrit8. He threw up in his bed. So I had to console him and help him clean up. I then had to change his sheets and blanket, clean up the bed frame and the floor and his trashcan. He’s now back in his newly cleaned bed, hopefully to sleep through the night, (though I doubt the night will pass without another incident.) Parenting — it’s a messy job. I expect to take him to the doctor in the morning.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, a processing fee. A processing fee? Basically a charge to take my registration payment? Really? What was originally listed as $78 turned out to be almost $99.

The only thing that kept me from saying, “Kiss my ass,” and not finishing the registration was that I had already spent a couple of weeks, (if not a year), psyching myself up for doing this run. This little underhanded gimmick, this addition to the registration process is straight-up dishonest bullshit. Yes, I paid it. I’ll admit to being a sucker for working myself up to accepting this. But I’ll also announce this surprise in the registration process to anyone thinking about signing up for a Rugged Maniac run. And unless this experience is just over-the-top fantastic, I’ll not do another RM run. They’ve turned me a bit sour to their organization with those surprise fees. So they have a much higher bar to leap to make me happy about the end product, (the obstacle run experience).


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2 Responses to Signed Up for an Obstacle Run

  1. Grant Niemeyer says:

    They have somthing simular here aswell called the mudchug much shorter run distance unknown not what grabbed my attention. Its the free keg at the end for all runners. I have considered it in the past radio ad price is like $15 or so. But not sure I am really all that motivated to get mud in places I don’t want mud for “free” beer. dont that enough calving cows at work which will be starting up this week.

  2. Bullgrit says:

    There’s a free beer at the end of a Rugged Maniac run, but I’m not the least bit interested in it. I’m just interested to take the “test” and see if I can do all the obstacles and the run.

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