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30 Years of Shaving

I shaved for the first time at 15 years old. The occasion was my grandfather’s funeral. My step-dad showed me how to do it, and my mom took the photo, (much to my disapproval). This is a bathroom of 1983:
First Shave

Now, shaving didn’t become a regular process for another couple of years, (at least) — it’s not that I was showing anything that would pass as a beard at 15 years old, but a boy has to start at some time. I don’t remember exactly, but the second shave was probably months later. At one point in my early 20s, I experimented with a beard. It lasted a couple of months.

Actually not very impressive. Kind of scraggily. Now here’s my best beard:

Bath Beard

(That’s a bathtub of 1975. Yes, I had very blonde and straight hair as a child. Puberty’s a hell of a drug.)

Anyway, getting back to modern times. . .

Looking closely at that first-shave picture, specifically at the razor in my hand, I see that I’ve been using the same style/brand razor for 30 years: the simple Gillette Good News — a cheap, disposable plastic thing. (This is not a commercial post for Gillete.) Over the years, I’ve occasionally tried other razors. Just recently I bought a fancy-dancy pivoting thing with four or five blades, just to try it out.


Surely something that costs 12 bucks must be better than something that costs less than 60 cents. Surely? I gave it a few tries before passing judgement, but my final thought was that the fancier/expensive razor doesn’t shave any better than the cheapo thing. It was no closer, and no easier to use. In fact, I found the pivoting head rather annoying. I mean, having been shaving for 30 years, I know the shape of my face perfectly, and I can run a sharp steel blade over it quickly and closely without needing the tool to adjust. Heck, half the time I shave I don’t even use cream. I just wet my cheeks and neck with a splash of water, and run the razor over that. Quick, easy, and with sufficiently smooth results.

So I ended up tossing the “pro” razor in the trashcan. My little plastic toys have proven perfectly efficient for 30 years, and I figure they’ll continue to serve me well for another 30.


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10 Responses to 30 Years of Shaving

  1. Earl says:

    LOL! Great perm my man! I have not shaved in years. My wife likes beards. So I have not bought a razor that costs $12. That is crazy.

    • Bullgrit says:

      Actually, that’s my natural hair curl. I’ve never had a perm. My hair started curling around 16 years old, and it still curls if I let it grow out.

  2. Grant Niemeyer says:

    sigh I will have to admit I own the $12 razor turbo handle that i bought years ago. I still buy the replacement heads about ever other year or so. now granted i shave once a week or somtimes every two weeks. And I pat dry the razor since its water that dulls the blades not shaving suprizingly. try it you would be suprized how long you can make your 60 cent razor last just by making sure you get the blade dry.

  3. brogrit says:

    i remember all those pictures. well, except for the one in the tub(as far as taking it). i shave once a week, sometimes twice. i guess im lucky like that. i use the semi-cheap razors, three blades…seems to be fine for me. ive also tries the more expensive ones and still go back to the cheap. by the way…it looks like youre having fun going through all those pictures from dad’s…

  4. Christina says:

    I was a little bit surprised when I saw that in 15 years you did not have curls and in 20 you already had them =)

  5. James says:

    I’ve been using a disposable razor back then (20 yrs ago), but my friend suggested me to use an Electronic shaver.. which is what I’ve been using since then. At first, yes it’s expensive, but he gave me some tips on what to buy, a budget friendly, with solid built quality. It took me a while to buy one, because I needed to save money and make sure that when I finally get one, I would not regret it..But I still use a disposable razor when travelling, do you have any suggestion of a cheapo disposable razor that has a good quality and not annoying when shaving?

    • Bullgrit says:

      Wow! A comment on a 4-year old post.

      I still use just a simple disposable razor – Gillette Good News. My feelings on expensive razors are the same as I say in the post above. Thanks for commenting.

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