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Me and Little Brother

This is a phone snapshot of a picture hanging in the guest bedroom of my mom’s house. The little one is brogrit at about 1 year old, and the other one is me at about 5  years old, circa 1973.

He’s sporting blingy bells on his shoes, and I’m all pimp in my purple outfit.


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7 Responses to Me and Little Brother

  1. brogrit says:

    and this proves, that once upon a time….long long ago….we liked each other….then we grew up, and started the sibling rivalry and the rest is “im gonna one up you” history.

  2. mom says:

    You gotta tell me when you do this. My sweet beautiful boys. The outfit and blingy bell shoes were Bullgrits first. Brogrit probably wore the shirt you have on. Very 70’s. I actually remember where and when that picture was taken, just like it was yesterday. I remember walking across the parking lot pleading with you both to be good. And you were. Now don’t ask me what I did this morning. and yes THEY HAVE THE SAME DAD. A family joke. love u both

  3. mom says:

    Just have to comment again, this picture brings back so many memories. Time goes by soooo very fast, then again it is so very slooooow. Enjoy your boys, they will be grown and gone so fast. This picture is something I can see everyday, but somehow you just don’t notice it everyday. Do I sound mushy? Sorry boys (Men)

  4. Els Saccer says:

    Is this what your sons look like? Your brother does not have children?

  5. Webbra says:

    You were cute boys. But what do you look like now? I am not trying to be a stalker. Just curius.

  6. brogrit says:

    @els, no i do not have kids. @ webbra, maybe bull will post a pic of me, or a link to my website. i give him permission. i would post a link but i respect bull’s wishes of being anonymous. im just the opposite.

  7. Bullgrit says:

    “maybe bull will post a pic of me, or a link to my website.”

    — I’m getting there.

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