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Sexy Old Man

I was checking out some information on other web sites when I came across a “Sexy Cruise Blog” highlighted in a blogger’s favorites listing. I was all alone in my home office, with the door closed and the boys asleep in their beds. So, being the curious guy I am, I clicked on the link.

Hey, don’t think I’m looking for trashy stuff. I wasn’t going to read the blog, I was just going to look at the pictures.

While the page loaded, I clicked back over to my other browser window to work on this site. Then Cowgrit walked into the room. Perfect timing. She often comes in to chat or hug, and usually she looks over my computer monitor to see what I’m doing — not nosing in my business, or anything like that, but just interested in what I write.

The button on the taskbar showed “Sexy Cruise Blog” right there, in plain sight. I hadn’t seen the site yet, so I had no idea what it would be showing — would it be raunchy? Cowgrit hugged me and then sat down on the day bed to read a book while I wrote.

“Are you laughing?” she asked me after a minute.

“Just chuckling,” I said.

“What about?”

I told her that I had just clicked on a blog “with an interesting name” just before she walked in the room.

“Sexy Cruise Blog,” I said.

“What is it, old people?” she asked.

I laughed at that. I hadn’t thought about that possibility. And thinking for a moment: I know several people who have been on cruises, but they’re all older than I — at least 50. Hmm. I was intrigued even more than when I originally saw the link. The only thing that can attract my attention as much as “sexy” is “funny”, and if this site turns out to be a good spoof . . . or maybe it would be seriously sexy . . . I had to see this site.

“I don’t know, yet,” I answered. “I haven’t actually looked at it yet.”

She stood over my shoulder as I clicked the taskbar button to bring up the page. It was pictures of young women in bikinis on cruise ships. No funny, just sexy. Yay for honesty in advertising.

Cowgrit sat back down on the daybed with her book. “Is this what you do in here in the evenings with the door closed?”

“Nah,” I said, “I look for pictures of old people.”

“Like you?” she deadpanned.

Now that’s not nice. Santa should note that.


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