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Calfgrit7 is joinin’ the Cub Scouts. He was unsure about the idea at first, but after we met the den boys at a bowling alley one Saturday a couple weeks ago, he started thinkin’ better ’bout it. He learned the Cub Scout sign, shake, salute, and motto immediately, and he’s proud to show ’em off when I ask him to perform for someone.

And then we went to the local Scout Shop to buy his uniform. I guess there’s somethin’ about a uniform that boys just love. He was very int’rested in everything in the store, and was excited to try on the shirt. I got ‘im the shirt, a hat, a belt, a neckerchief, and the patches he needs to start off. He was so happy with it all, he asked to take a picture of the stuff sittin’ on the sales counter. I handed him my camera-phone and you see the result.

His hesitance at our initial offer for him to join the Scouts had me worried he wouldn’t take to it. But his enthusiasm has grown. I was in Scouting as a young boy — Cub through Weblos — and I remember it as some fun with other boys. I don’t remember why I dropped out of the group, but I have a feelin’ it was prob’bly because it was too organized for me. I’m not big on organized clubs and such, and I can see this aspect of me in Calfgrit7. He and I both like “free time” to do our own thing.

Well, so long as he enjoys it and has fun in it, we’ll do Scouting. I’m glad we got him to try it, but if he decides it’s just not for him, we won’t push him in it.


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