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Playing Pokemon

I’ve been getting more into the Pokemon game with my boys of late. A few months ago, they both started being able to beat me regularly, and this sparked my competitive fire. They save up their allowances and buy new, better decks with some really good and powerful pokemon. So I started updating my deck and card selection.

My Pokemon Collection

That box above holds 800 cards. It’s full, and I have maybe another 100 that aren’t sorted and stored, yet. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve all been battling each other a couple or so times a week. I don’t go easy on them, because they don’t go easy on me.

It’s been several years since I was into seriously collecting a card game and playing regularly. I got into Magic: the Gathering back in the 90s when it was a new phenomenon — I started when The Dark was released, (1994). I collected and played MtG pretty hardcore for a few years. I played in several tournaments, including two pro-feeders; I came in 1st, 3rd, and 5th in some local- and regional-sized conventions, but never made any kind of advancement in the pro-feeders. I even skipped my 10-year high school reunion to participate in a regional tournament, (but I didn’t place at all in it, though). I also wrote several articles about the game for a gaming magazine, (that no longer exists).

If you think my Pokemon collection of 800 cards is a lot, you would be astonished by my old MtG collection. I surely had over 5,000 cards at the height of my collection. (I knew some folks compared to whom, I was light.) A few years after last really being involved with the game, I sold off a lot of my cards. Here’s what I have left:
My Magic the Gathering Collection

Three full 800-size boxes, a full 400 box, and a few hundred more just jumbled in a printer-paper box. I have only a few of any rare cards left; most of those cards in the boxes are just commons and uncommons. The money I made from selling my rares went right back into my gaming hobby — to buy new and classic D&D books.

I even got into the Star Wars collectable card game for a short while. I never went deep into it, as there weren’t that many fellow players for it in my area. But I still have all my original cards:
My Star Wars CCG Collection

Recently, with my getting deeper into the Pokemon game hobby, I’m rediscovering my love of deck building and [collectible] card gaming. I’ve bought new decks, split them up, constructed new decks, taken them apart, and repeat. I love the whole process of building a competitive deck, playing it to see how my theories work, and then going back in and tweaking the collection of cards in the deck. And now that my boys are really good players in their own rights, my skills are actually tested. And my boys love taking me on, especially when they win. I have to reassert my position as Alpha gamer in my home.


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6 Responses to Playing Pokemon

  1. Erris says:

    Is Pokemon fun? I played Magic bitd but I never looked at Pokemon. I thought it was just collectible cards.

  2. Bullgrit says:

    Yeah, Pokemon is fun. It’s a pretty well designed and balanced card game. It’s as good as MtG, in my opinion.

  3. brogrit says:

    do i have to say the word i want to say? naaaaa, i dont think so.

  4. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Yep I was a regional “Rep” part of the Rogue squadron that was to paid in cards to promote Deciphers Star Wars CCG. I even paid my own way to Florida Orlando and attend/work the World Championships. In the hay day around here we had 18 person tournies ever sunday and even host a regional championship for world finals. I loved the game cause I love Star Wars would say I have about 10,000 cards or so. I left the game when the Errta list of cards got so long that it was bigger than the rule book. Decipher had this thing of instead of Banning a card like Magic did they would just “fix” it by adding an errta to change the wording so it wouldn’t be soooo broken of decks. Problem is that most of the time it would break other cards in the process.

    Wasn’t to long after I decided to move on and let some else run the games that the leage died and since Decipher lost its liencing agreement with Lucas anyhow and couldn’t porduce any more expantions I was the end anyhow. I miss the game and there are times when I wish there was a WOW TCG group around here so i could put some of those cards i been buying for upgrades to my hunter in WoW

  5. Bullgrit says:

    Grant: Cool that you were a rep for the Star Wars CCG. Interesting info on some behind the scenes.

  6. Steve says:

    Love this walk down memory lane. I also have boxes of Magic the Gathering cards. Would be nice to play them again sometime, I’m sure.

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