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P90X Phase II Complete

I’ve completed phase 2 of the P90X regimen — 8 weeks down, 5 weeks to go. I feel great. The workouts are still very hard, extreme. But I absolutely love them. And they’re working.

Although the physical changes seem to come slowly, and subtly, because I see myself every day, they do come. I’m becoming more fit, more tone, more firm all over, and I’ve lost 12 pounds.

I still dislike the Yoga routine, for the same reason I’ve disliked it from the beginning: I can’t see the TV during many of the moves because I have to twist and turn away from it. When one move twists me away from being able to see the TV, I’ll usually unwind from the move, adjust my stance so I’m back looking at the TV, but then the next move turns me away again. Yoga X is 90 minutes — the longest single routine in the system — and I pretty much stay aggravated during the whole thing. That’s counter-productive for Yoga.

Plyometrics (jump training) is the absolute hardest routine — jump up, jump to the side, jump around, jump, jump, jump. But I like it. There is no doubt I’ve burned some calories and built some ability after going through that series of exercises.

Ab Ripper X — oh lordy. It’s hard, too. But when I can see how flat my stomach is now, (no six-pack, yet), and my whole core just feels solid and strong, it’s great.

So far, my diet is the weakest area of my P90X experience. I can do really well for 2 or 3 or 4 days, but then I have a bad day, (or two). I eat something I shouldn’t, or more than I should, and I feel like I’ve let myself down. I’d be so far ahead of where I am right now if only I could get my diet down solid.

And then there is the one thing that drives me crazy. My face is round. It’s just the normal shape of my head. I have cheeks, (with dimples), and apparently no amount of weight loss and muscle building seems to affect my face. I can just see me in another five weeks: I’ll have a firm, tone body with muscle definition, but I’ll probably still have the damn cherubic face. Does anyone do liposuction for cheeks?


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