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When I created this Web site and started this blog, my intention was to just put all my stuff and junk on this one page. Once a particular post aged past a month, I’d file it in the appropriate archive section: table game posts would go in the Table Game Archive, movie reviews would go in the Movies Archive, etc.

But I’ve learned that many people who come here do so just for the “general” posts, and have no interest or understanding of the gaming and comic book (and some of the movie) posts. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sticking to posts of more general interest topics because of this. I have plenty to say about the various other “specialty” topics, but I’ve become hesitant to put them in the general section. The times I have posted about a specialty topic in this section, I’ve tried to keep the lingo to a minimum, and to write for a general audience, instead of the specialty audience. And that is a disservice to the topic and those who would be most interested in it.

So, what I’ve decided to do is keep this General section strictly for general topics, and post my specialty topics directly to their respective specialty section. I may, and probably will, occasionally post about gaming or comics in General, but such posts will be for a general audience. Look at my August 8 and July 28 posts as examples.

My specialty posts, put directly in their respective section, will be for those interested and versed in such topics. I can reference things and use the jargon without being concerned about losing the audience.

So, as of today, you can check the Total Bullgrit main page to see when each section has a new post. I’ll still post to General every day. For you, this all just means it will be easier to find a post that might be of interest to you depending on your preferences. For me, it means I’ll be writing and posting just a tad bit more. But that’s okay with me; I’m doing this whole Web site because I like and want to write more.


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