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Temple of Elemental EvilYou can keep a geek out of his favorite game for only so long before he starts craving adventure again. I found a new group of D&D players who are around my age and who appreciate old school dungeon crawls. They told me they were about to start a campaign playing the original (AD&D1) Temple of Elemental Evil using the D&D3.5 rules, and I about peed my pants. ToEE is in my top three favorite classic adventures, and D&D3.5 is my favorite edition of D&D.

So I connected with these guys through email, and they invited me, (and another guy), to join them. Friday night we all got together for our first game session, to meet and create our characters for the campaign. We didn’t get a whole game session of play in, but we got enough that I see good potential in playing with them.

There are six players plus the DM. Our characters are:

  • Fighter
  • Fighter
  • Cleric
  • Sorcerer
  • Rogue
  • Paladin — me

Player's HandbookYes, I’m playing a paladin again. No, it’s not what I always play, (this is the third out of maybe a dozen characters I’ve played on a regular basis), but I just felt that a paladin was the perfect thematic idea for attacking the Temple of Elemental Evil.

We are all starting at first level, and our first excitement came when the caravan we were traveling with, (to Hommlet!), was attacked by a bandit gang of humans and gnolls. We did well fighting off the attack, and the event allowed our characters to bond a bit and take the measure of each other in battle.

Upon reaching Hommlet we took rooms in the Inn of the Welcome Wench, and set about learning about the area around the village. We made friends, contacts, and even annoyed the local curate of St. Cuthbert. Eventually we were given a mission to go back to where the caravan was attacked on the road, and track the bandits back to their camp or hideout. We needed someone with tracking skill, and learned that a local yokel named Elmo was a decent tracker, and he was willing to join us as a hired hand.

We went out on the road again and set Elmo to tracking the bandits. We ended the game night looking across a bog at a crumbling old moat house where the trail seemed to lead. Next game session we’ll sally forth and investigate the place.

* * *

Now, I gave full disclosure to the DM that I have played part of, and read the entirety of Temple of Elemental Evil. It’s been a while, and I don’t remember details of individual dungeon rooms and such — I only remember some major points. (I know Elmo.) But I said any information that I do remember, I’ll keep it out of character knowledge, and I won’t ruin the game for anyone. I just want to experience this adventure, and I don’t care if I have to get a lobotomy to remove the knowledge from my brain. He didn’t seem concerned about what I might remember. I’m glad, because I am very excited about this game.


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