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I’m Coming Back

Now that I’ve given everyone enough time to give up on me, (and looking at my visitor stats, ouch), I’ve decided to get back into the blog thing. I can’t give up after eight years of writing this. I shouldn’t give up. And I must satisfy my natural need to work with words. I like writing, and I’ve missed writing. So, here I am, back in the blog business.

My life is still crazy busy — as I write this, I’m being interrupted by having to herd the boys into their showers and then their beds, wrangle the dog because she’s terrified of the thunderstorm winding up outside, pay a bill that’s on my desk, put up my clean clothes that have been sitting at the end of my bed for two days, and I need a shower after changing a stranger’s flat tire in this 100 degree heat. But hell, it’s been crazy before, all during eight years of this blog, and I managed to work in the time to write all during that. In fact, the craziness is usually what gives me the most to talk about.

Time isn’t going to magically open up for me to get back to writing, I have to forcefully pry time out of my day for it.

I’m back. Now I just need to get my audience back. I’m starting from almost zero again, just like I did eight years ago. Pass the word around, if you would, please.



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