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If I Was a Billionaire

If I was a billionaire, I’d give everyone a chance to get thunderous applause from a stadium packed with fans. I’d make a list of people that I met who were particularly helpful, friendly, and just generally nice. I’d also take letters nominating people as particularly helpful, friendly, and just generally nice.

Then, each month I’d rent out a large stadium and invite or hire thousands — tens of thousands — of people to attend. I’d hire a grand host who would read the name of each “helpful, friendly, and just generally nice” person to introduce them to the assembled crowd.

The named person then would walk out onto the stage (alone or with moral support) and get incredible, personal, and wonderful applause for 30 seconds. Everyone should be able to stand on a stage and see throngs of people looking up at them, clapping, cheering, whistling, and loving them.

Everyone should get the chance to have that feeling of glory, that sensation of pure approval, even if only for half a minute. Such moments shouldn’t be reserved just for persons with some entertainment talent.

The honored person would then step off the stage to make way for the next person. There would, of course, be a commemorative photo, video, and plaque for each person, so they can see their face at the moment of applause.

Then at the end of the list of people to be introduced and applauded, I’d pick one random person from the audience — someone who voluntarily came to cheer, not someone who was hired to show up — to walk out on stage and get the last cheer of the night. I believe that someone who gives of their own time to enthusiastically support a stranger in this way deserves a chance to get the same adulation, themselves.


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